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Welcome to the Beyond Gender Podcast, featuring interviews with a variety of trans* identified individuals. We drop a new episode every other Thursday. We were formerly known as the Beyond Jenner Podcast, but updated our name to be more encompassing. Our goal is to highlight the voices of our community and show allies more than one story about being transgender. Through a series of interviews, this podcast will shine a light on experiences of trans people from all walks of life.



hosted by Caleb Arring

NoH8 Caleb Arring

Caleb Arring is an immigration defense attorney, activist and entrepreneur. Caleb was born in Germany where he lived until he was 8. After multiple moves throughout the western part of the United States, Caleb settled in San Francisco, which he now calls home. After transitioning at the age of 20 in 2003, Caleb began a life of activism through educating. By sharing stories and experiences Caleb has been able to make connections with people and help them realize that trans* people are just like any other people.

With the rise of attention to transgender people in the media Caleb wanted to give a voice to people throughout the community. Thus, the Beyond Gender Podcast was born.


news with Dorian Michelle Vrenden
Dorian Vrenden Beyond GenderDorian is your normal run of the mill trans girl next door, single mum of two great kids who just happen to be the REAL Batman & Superman, & have a love for audio shows. From 774 Melbourne & Triple J to WTFPod & NPR, Dorian finds herself in the crosshairs of many different narratives & stories. Dorian loves to see new places & hike, meet new people & chat, & coffee (Full stop on that one). The news helps her feel like she can pull at so many different issues & bring them to light, being informed can bring on so many avenues of possibility. It can make an entire world of difference in someone’s life, a spark that sets them off down a path, just how Dorian likes it.


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